tisdag 23 februari 2010


Ok! Speeded on my english tea I have now finished sketching the 137 pages of the last dragon book! That's right - we're talking a glorious extra 19 pages! 

This is the first time I've sketched an entire book in one go and it's rather unnerving waiting for feedback; will they love me or want to change everything? Feedback with this project is especially thrilling since it's the author Jo, my editor and everyones boss (what's the term for all-mighty female anyway? would come in handy there) that all has a say.

So waiting for feedback I have now done what I should have done ages ago/should do pretty much all the time: Updated my homepage!!! *drum solo please*
Now it mentions the IKEA fabrics for example, which is a very good thing indeed. More over Sayonaras homepage has had a major facelift and the chapters there are now the actual ones from the book, not the half finished piece of extcre*censorship*t that was up since beginning of dawn (I've been in this business a looong time). Also there are some new illustrations and a new comic up (in Swedish, please bear with me...) ^^! 
Samples please...

There we go. 
To visit the homepage: www.asaekstrom.com


Åsa Ekström 23 februari 2010 kl. 08:34  

ok, technically it's not up right now cause i have to battle my browsers first. but in a sec...

Anonym,  24 februari 2010 kl. 07:29  

*applåder* *trumvirvel* *jubel*
äntligen så så är det inte ljusår kvar tills nästa drakbok släpps, tjohooo! länge leve Åsa!!!!!!!!!!

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