fredag 19 februari 2010


One can never blog too much about cakes! My friend Max was just visiting me in London and guess what he had in his backpack? SEMLOR!!! Woho!! This seasonal and traditional pastry is best thing about Sweden, see. 

So happy!!! ^____^

The semla (semlan)

Though admittedly it was a little squashed. This is what this artwork of a cake is supposed to look like/what it looked like in my daydream fantasies:

The fantasy

Still tasty though, and much better than the ones i tried to make when abroad last summer. (They didn't rise and ended so rock hard enough to kill something with). Anyway, it was the best gift anyone could think to bring and one of my all time best including my formed ipod and trustworthy warrior of a scanner (cheap as yet 4 yrs and running! How about them semlor?).


Linda 21 februari 2010 kl. 17:00  


Jag blandade blåbär i min grädde till mina semlor, det var mumsigare än mumsigast!

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