lördag 30 oktober 2010

Fake it till you make it

Found Pocky rip off today. And I thought the worst thing that could happen the pocky religion was changing the name to ridiculous "Mikado" in Sweden.
But these were awful. Don't be fooled!!


onsdag 27 oktober 2010


Random googling and I found Amigurumi Gloomy!


fredag 22 oktober 2010

Off topic: Blog recommendation of the week: Other Dutch Animals

My creative hose mates have started a blog about life in London, or more specifically about wearable fashion, making tomato ketchup on a weekend and why we should not take Mad men too seriously. Also featuring photos from our house, the garden and general cool stuff:


And what a blog it is! I wish mine looked like that! When I grow up I'm gonna make a blog that's also a homepage that's also a spaceship. One day.

Dan and Lauren


tisdag 19 oktober 2010

The best thing about london is...

...going to Japan centre to buy take out sushi and have a picnic in Trafalgar square. Japan centre is the most amazing shop, a bright star of hope and happiness for the western world. You can find anything from freshly baked melon pan to tempura and all kinds of onigiri! I know, I didn't believe it myself, so I produced photo proof:


tisdag 12 oktober 2010

Last chapter preview!

So it's drawing close to the final hours of the last chapter of book 2! (Sorry, it's past my brains bedtime so English is going to be extremely basic) None the less only 12 pages to go and then we are... finished!!!

Mind you though before my deadline there is loads of other yummy things to deal with besides just the petty detail of finishing all the comic pages. Am i talking a lot about my deadline by the way? Am I? Like one of those super annoying friends just talking about about their partners? "We want to do this for holliday..." "We don't like fish" "Me and my deadline don't have time for drinks today" etc. Uh, sidetrack.
Anyways, extra work besides finishing drawing include but are not limited to:

*finishing cover, such as the backside (what am i going to have on the back? What!!? Ahh!!) and changing colors of cover.
*all the chapter intro pages
*texting and finishing up 25 inked pages in(/on?) computer
*screentoning about 40 pages
*intro for book
*extramaterial for book such as maybe a short comic I so far have no ideas or script for
*going over all the pages and fixing insignificant mistakes no one will notice

But more on the cheery side, some photos from todays page from last chapter - sorry about the bad quality photos:

But no one ever get the gender of my characters right unless they are super stereotypical! ;_; . Mostly I get that my boys are girls (cause i like them with long hair :3) but also confusion about the girls as well if they have short hair or whatnot.
For example above pages feature random aggressive biker-chick-punk-girl (love drawing her!) but everyone amuses she's boy... -_-;
Doesn't anyone see the boobs? boobies anyone?

Finally rough idea sketch to give myself a feel for her character:


torsdag 7 oktober 2010

Yaoi on Swedish radio

Intressant från P3 Star om ung sexualitet med yaoi som exempel:

Ps. Jag har lärt mid att adda videor nu :D 


söndag 3 oktober 2010

Japan Matsuri and Hyper Japan London 2010

Been to two Japan festivals lately, so here goes; heaps of photos: a mix of geeky things to love... :3
Japan Matsuri:

Japanese food! Lot's of it! Oh I miss...

Waah!!! takoyaki... ^^

Your coctailpartner ^_^
Bit of Geisha spotting

Hyper Japan 2010:

Queuing outside
Yukata in the que!
On stage
He he
Japanese character design is the best! How cute are those dolls.
So simple, so good!
Angelic Pretty and other Gothic Lolita brands! Sooo expensive though... :(
Moi Même Moité bags! Mmm... Mana...
Love love
Internal organ bags. Do I want to put my stuff in the stomach or the heart? 
Eyelash extension station
Dressing up as Geisha and take photos. Classic.

Mangasake? ^^
Sushi making
Special invited cosplay guest from Sweden! Jenni Kallberg. Cool.

Green tea and Green tea Dorayaki. Yum.

Gloomy x Hello kitty series! Suddenly I like Hello Kitty a lot more.
Para Para workshop! And I thought Para Para was so a long time ago

Cosplay and Gothiloli outfit spotting:


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