fredag 26 februari 2010

up up and away

This week I finally got around to send an english version of my book to publishers abroad! A whole five of them! 

It was a project I tell you, big and grand and involving googling, searching all over london for the perfect print shop, another print shop when i realized I had forgotten to print the synopsis part (it's all about the different components you know; translation, physical copy of she Swedish book, CV, letter of introduction, business card and complimentary post card, no less) and finally the perils at the post office.
Last part was my favorite, seeing as i arrived 5 min before closing time and the staff was not too happy. Funny thing in England is they still call you sweet things while they're shouting at you. "Hurry up love, we don't have all day!" "Come on darling you're keeping me!" "Bloody hell doll, you haven't even written out the address yet?!"
So then I had to go home and wrapped my head in cling film and felt all better. 

Keeping my thoughts to myself...


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