onsdag 17 november 2010

The girl and the backgrounds

The little masochist living behind my spine decided we should have a 12 page short story as extra material for the book -despite I only need 4 pages to fill my quota- entitled "Flickan och havet" (The girl and the sea) so here we go.

Was delighted however by having it set on a beach seeing as the only background needed is a horizontal line! Genius! Though you do have to draw sand, which is annoyingly unsubstantial. Why would anyone decide to have their story played out against the backdrop of a city? Why did I do that?

The short comic story might seem to be about the girl, but it's really _only_ about jellyfish.
Oh little jellyfishies how I adore thee... all these years just waiting to draw you...^^

See? See? Didn't even bother to draw out the line!

Because we have the joys of screentones! This is MY short story and I'll use as much of them as I want, for once not caring about holding back (yes, I do try to hold back on screentones on the regular pages, can you believe it).


tisdag 16 november 2010

manga mania

Lovely housemate Dan brought me back a massive pile of manga from her work (discarded research material)! Hello reference!

Massive. It really is.


torsdag 11 november 2010

Ha ha ha!

My friend sent me this link:

Apparently my old fanzines Stilikon have gone up quite in value with time! And people are buying them off auction sites. One can always expect a good comic fan to be collecting things... ^^
Wish I had any left! Or... maybe I don't... No offense to anyone buying them but compared to my drawing now they were a little... quite... rubbish...

Vilken stil?


måndag 8 november 2010

Barbican cosplay extravaganza

For not having many published native manga artists -that I know of, and despite interest being huge- London still has a lot of events going on related to Japanese pop culture. This weekend was Cosplay Extravaganza; rumored to be something as unusual as a cosplay party going well into the morning!

Was a bit skeptical of the combination, and admittedly it was less of a party and more of an exhibition hall where you could drink beer whilst wandering around.
Jonna and I went exploring.

Asking for directions from a white rabbit

The scene with mandatory talks and lectures

Video game corner

Making an effort

The very unusual view of cosplayers in front of bar

Loved this guy, and his two beers.

Jonna glittering like the prettiest star, supported by camera sparkle filter (the best filter).

DJ even

Vivienne Westwood rocking horse wing shoe! If one has ever read Nana, one can not help but be a Vivienne fan. I blame the comics.

/weekend adventure/End.


torsdag 4 november 2010


Just a quick post to let you know that it's now certain Sayonara September bok 2 will be published in February!

It was pretty certain before as well mind you, but seeing how the Swedish manga scene crumbles before our eyes one there was still some uncertainty how events would turn out. But yeah, it is happening.


To celebrate, let's enjoy a cute and slightly paranoid kitten.


tisdag 2 november 2010

Pimped my cover

One month to go and more than time to fix the cover. So I fixed.
The initial criticism was that 1st version was too similar to cover of SS1 and readers wouldn't be able to tell the difference. Fair enough, I do think readers would be able to, if nothing else for the gigantic "2" spreading across half the front, but it was pretty much exactly the same color palette, which was boring.
So changed colors of the sweater, eyes and some minor details and added rabbit rabbits and strawberry pillows on the back. ^____^ (Mind you this version is not approved yet, so we will see if it lasts all the way)
And admittedly you can't see the strawberries are pillows but you will on the next cover... *du-duuum*




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