tisdag 27 april 2010

CHARLOTTA fabrics on Swedish tv

A friend sent me a text about the ikea fabrics being in the program Förkväll at tv4 as part of the studio interior!
Very awsome! Click on the link to get to their site and to see more images of the studio.

(The photo is from www.hemmakanalen.se - do hope it's ok if i borrow it to post here... if anyone suspects no please let me know...)


måndag 26 april 2010

The difference

Ok, back to working on my own stuff again. There would have been joy if the page I was working on before mid break turned out so unsatisfying i had to quit half way:

3 months later (or one childrens book later) storing had not improved it, why one redraws most of it:

I know one should never redraw. But look at it. Really. It hurt the eyes (translation: characters look really weird and I'm trying to avoid drawing background for the hundredth time utilizing the above perspective sky-shot view; 3rd panel). 
And thus, that being done, my personal favorite; copy paste:

More backgrounds! Thank you photoshop!
Stay tuned next week for other helpful examples of semi-cheating ways of improving your work!




lördag 17 april 2010

I've been to Paris

...and now I want to abandon my career as a comic artist and make french puppets.


torsdag 8 april 2010


After a month or so of angst filled separation from my blogging here we are, back yet again, this time posting some examples of things made from the Ikea fabrics!

First 4 photos are from the baptism present I did for my sisters triplets; little decorative pillows made from the fabric "Charlotta vild". But added drawings of each triples riding on an animal each. Of course the pillows have no real function and I'm quite certain they would not survive a standard tumble in the washing machine, but still they are, well, cute.

The last two photos are of a baby chair my sister made of "Charlotta Block". Very sweet and proven baby proof. So there you go! Off and be creative with you ^^


creative advisor: lauren baily Image copyrights: åsa ekström

all text and images: åsa ekström

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