torsdag 8 april 2010


After a month or so of angst filled separation from my blogging here we are, back yet again, this time posting some examples of things made from the Ikea fabrics!

First 4 photos are from the baptism present I did for my sisters triplets; little decorative pillows made from the fabric "Charlotta vild". But added drawings of each triples riding on an animal each. Of course the pillows have no real function and I'm quite certain they would not survive a standard tumble in the washing machine, but still they are, well, cute.

The last two photos are of a baby chair my sister made of "Charlotta Block". Very sweet and proven baby proof. So there you go! Off and be creative with you ^^


Anonym,  10 april 2010 kl. 06:25  

ååh så sött, dom där kuddarna är ju bara bedårande alltså ^^

åsa 12 april 2010 kl. 07:49  


Fint att du fortfarande läser min stackars ouppdaterade blogg! (Ska bli mera regelbundna inlägg här framöver, yakosuku desu...)

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