måndag 26 april 2010

The difference

Ok, back to working on my own stuff again. There would have been joy if the page I was working on before mid break turned out so unsatisfying i had to quit half way:

3 months later (or one childrens book later) storing had not improved it, why one redraws most of it:

I know one should never redraw. But look at it. Really. It hurt the eyes (translation: characters look really weird and I'm trying to avoid drawing background for the hundredth time utilizing the above perspective sky-shot view; 3rd panel). 
And thus, that being done, my personal favorite; copy paste:

More backgrounds! Thank you photoshop!
Stay tuned next week for other helpful examples of semi-cheating ways of improving your work!




creative advisor: lauren baily Image copyrights: åsa ekström

all text and images: åsa ekström

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