tisdag 9 februari 2010

Yokaj studio makes manga puppet theatre!

From "Meja i Spökjägarnas sal" by Yokaj studio

Stockholm Stadsteater (Stockholm City theatre) has made a puppet show featuring based on a Swedish manga; Yokaj Studios "Kick off"! So cool: http://www.stadsteatern.stockholm.se/index.asp?pjaser/meja.asp&main

The show is called "
Meja i spökjägarnas sal" (Meja in the ghost hunters' hall) and the opening night is 19th of February - it's showing til end of may i think (This would be one of those mentioned times when it's ridiculous to blog in English since this is a matter that would only concern Swedish readers anyway, but oh well).

Don't miss the
youtube trailer, it's hysterical:


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