lördag 13 augusti 2011

Malmöfestivalens tidning

I malmöfestivalens tidning kan du läsa om våra seriefigurer som kommer stå uppe under festligheterna! Medverkande är Nanna Johansson, Karolina Bång, Lars Krantz, Josefin Svenske, Johanna Kristiansson + Joakim Gunnarsson, Sara Granér, Daniel Novakovic, Eva Björkstrand och undertecknad, varav några på ett väldigt stageat foto.

Festivalen börjar på fredag och jag är så himmla peppad att se en skitstor Christoffer *^_^*
Han kommer vara uppe hela festivalveckan på Lilla Nygatan, Raoul Wallenbergs park - den där lilla konstiga parken man cycklar genom på väg mot centralen...


mangapingvinen 14 augusti 2011 kl. 01:40  

Hej igen! Tack för att du vill länka till min blogg!
Har lagt till din länk på min blogg på högra sidan.

Seki,  14 augusti 2011 kl. 05:28  

Hii! Just a few questions.. Heh. I wonder, can I find the Sayonara September series in Norwegian? I've read the first book in swedish, and now I run around speaking almost swedish all day long, haha. 'Vad roligt!'. And one more, what kind of pens do you use to draw? I draw first with a normal HB pencil, then I use Faber Castell 'Pitt manga artist pen set', both for color and lineart. They are a bit troublesome drawing with sometimes, but I find normal pencils in different hardness and softness not really looking so good. Its just, I use twice as much time with the pens than with pencils!..

Åsa Ekström 14 augusti 2011 kl. 11:39  

Hi Seki! Thanks for reading my comics even though they are in Swedish! <3 Unfortunately Sayonara September is not translated to any other language but if you can bear with it you can order no 2 from adlibris; they ship to norway and are quite cheap: http://www.adlibris.com/se/promotion2.aspx?page=sayonaraseptember

As for pens i use Staedler pigment liners size 0.1-0.8. If you are to draw as japanese artists do then you should use a fountain pen with suitable nibs, but I have not mastered them yet ^_^;

Seki,  14 augusti 2011 kl. 14:42  

*ordering new book* Yaay! Big fan, big fan.. I'd try and read them even if they were in japanese (I probably know more japanese than Swedish, though.. but I can't read it that well!)..

Some of my pens are similar to those, only that there are only three different sizes. In the sets I have, there are pens with a kind of brush, who gives the effect of a fountain pen if you do it the right way.. I've always wanted a fountain pen, but they're not cheap, I guess.. I remember trying it a few years ago, but I really can't remember if I managed to give what I was drawing a decent look. That part of my memory is lost, haha.. Shouldn't think too much of drawing manga, though, because I'm never going to be a manga artist. It's my dream, but it's also just my hobby. *sighs*

Åsa Ekström 15 augusti 2011 kl. 02:17  

Seki: You can always dream though ^^; I'm a manga artist now and I was not at all good at drawing to start, One should know it's a lot of work being a manga artist though, and that you don't always get to do what you want to do. So in some ways maybe just having you drawing as a hobby and maybe selfpublish some series are the better alternative. It's up to what one preferes, I guess...

Alright, back to drawing! Hope you like the 2nd book, it's the best one I think! X)

Seki,  15 augusti 2011 kl. 03:12  

I'm not a person who follows dreams.. When you wake up, you can choose: either living your dream or keep dreaming. I'm working at a coffee shop, making and serving coffee. Eh, I'm a maid! It's nearly as good, I think. Haha..
Oh well, having a deadline is really death for me. At least now, when I have to combine work, school and drawing. But not having time for ones hobbby is worse than a deadline. I'd really be happy if I at least once get to see manga in norwegian book shops, not necessery something I've wrote, just manga at all. Dreaming is great *-*

So excited for the 2nd book, looking forward to finally get to read it~

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