måndag 24 maj 2010

Komiks DK - the report

Another festival over, and a really good one at that!

This is my first time as a guest at Komiks dk and it was a lot of fun. Mostly I was impressed by how well they took care of their invited artists and made us feel right at home. Overall with my traveling I don't get to go to a lot of comic events, or at least not as many as I'd like, so quite nice.

Saturday at the festival! It was held at Oksnehallen, very nice high ceiling space but, as conventions go, none the less the oxygen seemed to, well, diminish and so entering from the outside was like hitting an invisible wall of... less air. As it should be!

Seriefrämjandets (Society for promotion of comics in Sweden? ugh. How would you translate that?) and C'est bon was there. All in all everyone was.

It's R2D2 and mesmerized kids! By far my favorite when it comes to spotted merchandise! (R2D2 nor the kids). And it could project images too! Look!

I wants it!! Even more than the DKR 300-something giant plastic gloomys i saw... (I used to have one of those, too...)

Female Asterix! Only in Denmark? I think I'm in love!

Despite my book being in Swedish the Danish comic store Fantask sold it at the fair, which made me very glad. A little embarrassing when I, of course forgetting to check they charged for it, sold it for half price at my first signing until they politely pointed it out to me. So sorry about that!! -_-; Danish currency vs Swedish currency = not the same...

Book signing table, artist perspective! Note the lack of people in front of it! But then again my book is in Swedish. Did I mention that? A lot? Oh.
Oh. And I didn't attend the dinner at Saturday night, which was a shame. Bad artist. Bad.

Panel debate on Sunday with none other than insanely talented Anike Hage (Gothic Sports published by Tokyopop) and Joachim Kaps editor at Tokyopop Germany: "Can manga be from Europe?" Since the answer would be a simple "Yes" we mostly talked about other things. Such as wether you should draw your comics backwards or not, and how to sell in your manga to a huge publisher. 

Second book signing right next to Chris Ware I think - uh, how should I put it - a little more famous than me, but none the less some dedicated enthusiasts showed up. Including two sweet kids that wanted Tam pictures. Those books are going really well, I think!

Mandatory t-shirt signing! ^^

Thus, last day. Enter the light alas, upgrade to level 2! After meeting a lot of artists and publishers I hope to have some exciting news for you soon, but for now, back to drawing!



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