fredag 29 januari 2010

Alright! I'll try...

Todays outfit 

...blogging in English that is. This is always an issue isn't it? My English is just not... particularly good, and you miss out on all the beautiful swedish proverbs (such as, for example "show them where the cupboard is supposed to stand" or "walk like the cat around the hot porridge" etc (don't you just love direct translations! so grammatically incorrect!)) and also in my case, quite ridiculous as anything concerning me/my books would usually be in Swedish.

With the exception of a few horse books gone astray to scandinavia and germany, and a few embarrassingly old short stories in various UK anthologies my "career" -one day i'll skip the quotation marks- has been shamefully uninternational! 
Mainly cause I'm too lazy to make an effort to get out there, into the shining sunlight of the rest of the world!

But then again, blogging in English is the only way to broaden your readership (what readership?) and also the start that requires least of efforts, thus, I'll give it a go until It feels too irrelevant!

Let's celebrate! *toasting in gin*


NataliaBatista 29 januari 2010 kl. 04:02  

Hey! You where in Japan! You DO have some kind of international career (skipping the quotation marks) and sold on Comiket. :D

Good going, Åsa!
Get out there and give them what they endure! (direct translation XD)

NataliaBatista 29 januari 2010 kl. 04:03  

Damn... my English is awesomely bad...

Åsa Ekström 29 januari 2010 kl. 04:51  

Tank you natalia <3 god we are international right not ^_^

And sorry i never replied to your text message about the script, but im so happy you dont mind!!

(For everyone else: Natalias book inspired part of my scrips quite a lot ^_^;;)

Jan 29 januari 2010 kl. 10:31  

Howdy doodelidoo!
Worldwide IKEA fame. Quite international...
Själv gjorde jag detsamma när klasskompisar började påpeka att de hittat till min sida. Pendlar fortfarande lite när det är helsvenskrelaterat...

Pete Sleeper 2 februari 2010 kl. 05:42  

I liked the challenge of copying and pasting bits of your blog into Google Translator to find out what you're up to.

Good Luck!
lycka till

JeroeP 8 februari 2010 kl. 05:17  

Following you from Holland (only in English, my swedish sucks)

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