onsdag 17 november 2010

The girl and the backgrounds

The little masochist living behind my spine decided we should have a 12 page short story as extra material for the book -despite I only need 4 pages to fill my quota- entitled "Flickan och havet" (The girl and the sea) so here we go.

Was delighted however by having it set on a beach seeing as the only background needed is a horizontal line! Genius! Though you do have to draw sand, which is annoyingly unsubstantial. Why would anyone decide to have their story played out against the backdrop of a city? Why did I do that?

The short comic story might seem to be about the girl, but it's really _only_ about jellyfish.
Oh little jellyfishies how I adore thee... all these years just waiting to draw you...^^

See? See? Didn't even bother to draw out the line!

Because we have the joys of screentones! This is MY short story and I'll use as much of them as I want, for once not caring about holding back (yes, I do try to hold back on screentones on the regular pages, can you believe it).


Anonym,  18 november 2010 10:57  

vem är flickan? jag vill veta?
är det Lillian?

shysst ide med att bara göra en horisont-linje, Åsa!

kram Malva

Natalia 19 november 2010 02:49  

I don't think it's much screentones at all! Love the second panel, and I think it was a good choice to not draw the horizont line. It looks awesome, can't wait!!

åsa 23 november 2010 09:04  

Malva: Tack! ^^ Jag är mycket nöjd med min linje. Flickan är mycket riktigt Lillian.

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