torsdag 26 augusti 2010

After the bomb has fallen fanart rises from the ashes

Well let's see now... my publishing house Kartago was bought up by Bonniers as of recent, so they have spent this year in allmighty chaos, why the planning for the second book of Sayonara has been a bit slow that is no deadline for a long time.

However I just had a meeting with my editor Rolf where we had a look throught the finished pages (it was quite funny, first part of the book is mostly slapstick and Rolf just looked kind of tired -you know that 'I don't understand the fuss over manga chibis and this is really quite bad darn it why did we agree to publish it kind of look- but then once the story got going his eyes got brighter and brighter and I think he rather enjoyed it, or at least was very enthusiastic) and we did set the deadline for Dec 1st.

Actually I could have approzimated when it'd be but i chose to procrastinate work all summer instead which is now biting me in the ass as I have one page/day to do for the rest of the autumn. Might not sound that bad but can i stress the point NO WEEKENDS and that should put it all in perspectiv.

Guh... one day I will grow up and plan ahead... one day... but anyways, I work best in nearby panic state, and it will be done. The book will then be out first week in Ferbruary ^_^

Hopefully there will be room for another fanart gallery this time too - though we won't know for sure after it's all drawn - and I just got this lovely entry from Linda Ågren:

It's so sweet! Linda loves mermaids and collects them from different artists, to explain the theme. I love the little heart by the octopus! <3
If you want to contact her or contribute to her book of mermaids her email is:
Any fanart or pictures I get will always be published on the blog, regardless.

Ja ne...


Fanny M. 28 augusti 2010 15:00  

Jag ritade faktiskt en bild till dig och tuschade förra veckan, men jag välte ut mitt vattenglas på den, så den blev helt wobbly! T^T Aja, bara att göra om och göra bättre! <3 Kommer snart!

Momiji 29 augusti 2010 06:00  

Underbara nyheter! Nu längtar jag till februari! :D

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